Life interrupted – A workshop!

Ceinwen & Emma both attended this years Macmillan Cancer Voices conference on the 12th & 13th October. This conference is for volunteers affected by cancer either as a patient or a carer who are active in Macmillans cancer voice programme.

Shine hosted a workshop at the event entitled ‘Life interrupted, dealing with cancer in your 20s, 30s & 40s’

 The workshop was oversubscribed and was rated a great success by the people who did get to attend.

The main output from the workshop is a great start to the style and content of Shines new series of online guides to the common issues faced by young adults cancer patients

Part of our plans for Shine and the small c project is to produce a series of ‘real life guides’ to some of the common issues faced by people dealing with cancer at this age.

From our online survey and our workshops, we have established a list of common topics that people need help with that are either not addressed at all during treatment or are not managed in an age-specific way.

Topics such as dating after cancer or returning to work are areas where there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions but we believe that these

 guides, written by people that have been there, will help to reduce the isolation and give people positive ways to cope or specific helpful hints and tips to help them deal with these issues.

As we write the guides we will need your input! Get in touch if you feel you have something to contribute or look out for our email requests for help….

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