Getting the ball bowling….

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Our Shine London group had a great night out on 11th March at Bloomsbury Lanes.  We might not have set the world alight with our bowling skills but we had a lot of laughs and we were surprised to learn that Christopher had a lot of useful coaching tips!

We enjoyed the bowling so much that we’re considering ping pong for another meet up. Got any other ideas or thoughts on fun places to go? Email Ceinwen at

Real Life Guides – Dealing with other peoples expectations


Following the last post when I said that this came up in conversation at lunch and also following this picture on our Facebook and twitter getting a lot of agreement…we have decided to tackle this topic in our real life guide series….

What happens after cancer treatment ends? (assuming a good result) Life goes back to ‘normal’ right?  maybe not….

A lot of people tell us that the end of treatment can feel like the end of a conveyor belt – you have been so busy with treatment and appointments and focussed on getting to that last treatment, what happens when you get there? Instead of relief , happiness and ‘normal’  there is quite often abandonment, fear and anything but normal!

In Shine we call this the ‘should be era’  You should be back to normal – you should be happy – you should be….etc etc  We know what we ‘should be‘ but sometimes (quite often actually!) that is not reality.

And what happens if you don’t get good news following your treatment….what do people expect from you if you can’t say you are cured and ‘moving on’?

So we need your help….Share your experiences of what other people expected of you either during treatment or afterwards?

Have you had stupid comments, downright rudeness or have people completely ignored the fact that you are dealing with cancer?

What did you do about it? Smart comments, sulking, conversations? (or all of them!!)

By sharing your experiences, positive and negative, we hope to publish a ‘real life guide’ that shows that you are not along with these experiences…and gives you some pointers to cope well with this type of thing….

You can comment below or email

Thank you!

Shine Dorset New members Lunch Feb 2013!

Well we had a great start to the new year with a busy new members lunch in Dorset!

There were 15 of us including 6 new members of Shine Dorset and we had a great time chatting and eating!

Shine Dorset Lunch Feb 2013

We find that having the chance to do something normal (going out for lunch!) is a really relaxed and informal way to meet new people and Shine lunches are always popular.

For some new members, this can be the first time since their diagnosis that they have met anyone else with cancer that is anywhere near their age…It can be a really isolating experience, going through treatment and appointments at the hospital surrounded by people older than your parents.  That is where Shine helps….connecting people in a social environment with any type of cancer and at any stage in their diagnosis and treatment, even years afterwards.It’s a time to catch up with friends and make new ones.

The conversation is always varied and this time ranged from the problems with what people expect from you when you have finished treatment to prince Harry and the royal wedding last year!

So why not join us for the next Shine get together, whether you are in Dorset, London, Birmingham or North Tyneside there is a group near you!

Take a look at the website for full details and contacts…

(And for more on managing peoples expectations after treatment, check out our next post!)